Our Story

img_1243Sky and Stan met for their first date on Sunday, May 10, 2015 after days chatting on the dating website OkCupid. While neither of them were looking for a long-term relationship, it was immediately obvious to both of them that this was something special. Whenever they weren’t at their respective jobs, they were together from that first date onward. They moved in together September that year.

img_1441Stan proposed to Sky on August 25, 2016. And even though he knew she would say yes, he was still really nervous. He bought a little leather-bound notebook embossed with the initials they would share once they married—SB—to hold the ring. Inside he wrote his question: Will you write a Happily Ever After with me?

img_0868Of course, she said yes!

In October 2016, the two of them packed up their cat and their apartment in Santa Fe, New Mexico and moved north to Loveland, Colorado. It’s from there that they’re planning the wedding, and there that they plan to make their new life together. ♥